Antenna with Fire TV Recast DVR Training and Help Videos

Antenna with Fire TV Recast DVR Training and Help Videos

Saving $1,500 a year and getting your freedom from Cable & Satellite does involve a little bit of change. Even though StreamWise Solutions is not a service provider, and does not charge any monthly fee for TV, we still want you to enjoy your TV & Entertainment. We created numerous videos to help you and your family successfully navigate this transition.

Manufacturer and service provider direct support info:
  1. Fire TV & Recast Antenna DVR
  2. Sling TV Streaming Cable Channels
  3. Philo Streaming Cable Channels
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    • Training Help Videos

      Each video playlist below has a number of additional videos you can watch on demand. These videos will give your family a refresher training, answer common questions and help you discover new things about your StreamWise Solutions setup. We’re all ...
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