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StreamWise Solutions does not charge monthly fees and therefore does not staff a dedicated support center. Thankfully, 95% of problems with your cord-cutting solution can be solved by rebooting (power cycling) your TV and network devices:
  1. Unplug from the wall all devices (Internet and TV devices)
  2. Wait 2 minutes
  3. Plug your Internet and WiFi devices back into the wall and wait for them to come online
  4. Then, once Internet and WiFi are working, plug in your TV devices
If your problem was not solved by carefully following the above steps, please consult the free guides and videos we have crafted for the most common questions.

If you need direct email or phone support, please sign up for our Priority Support Plan. By signing up for Priority Support, you will have email and phone access to an expert who can help you work through many of the issues you might encounter. The priority support plan also gives you a 50% discount on any support visits that may be required.