What causes Antenna reception issues?

What causes Antenna reception issues?

90% of the Denver Front Range will have great reception with a outdoor antenna.  However getting free TV signals can be challenging in certain areas, its all based on where you live and whats in the way.  Unfortunately getting free TV signal isnt as easy as Cable or Satellite, because you cant control all of the factors, since you are not paying $100 or more per month for service - its free...  ;-) 

There are a lot of factors that can affect signal quality, here is a detailed article on what causes interference.  Most important is how good your line of sight is to the Network's Free TV towers on Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO, again this is totally different than Cable or Satellite.  You might receive numerous lower power free TV channels that transmit signal off of other towers, but we do NOT guarantee these channels since they transmit in lower power and the towers can be all over the state in many different locations (channel 25 or 59 are on a tower East of Longmont).  From experience we have found that it is a waste of money chasing channels that 99% of people dont care to watch.  We install a very powerful directional antenna, so as to get the BEST reception possible on the major Network channels.

Ideal TV reception occurs when your TV antenna is in close proximity to the local transmitter towers and can 'see' them with minimal or no obstructions.  As you get further away from your local TV towers, the more likely that interference, obstructions, and even the curvature of the earth will impact your ability to receive OTA TV signals.  If your home is lower compared to the surrounding terrain, or a hill/big dense trees/taller buildings are in your line of sight to the towers, all of this can cause channels to be missing or pixelating.

StreamWise Solutions has been installing Outdoor or Attic antennas all day every day for over 10 years, we never have and never will install cheap indoor antennas.  Getting good Antenna reception is complex as there are a lot of things that need to be done right.  We have the expertise and tools to give you the best chance for successfully getting as many channels as possible at your location for free.  However we are not miracle workers and there is no magical antenna or amp that will fix where you live and interference based on your location. We do however use the newest and best TV Antenna technology to give you your best shot at getting Free TV!
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