Adjust YouTube TV Video Quality

Adjust YouTube TV Video Quality

While watching a channel in the YouTube TV App:
  1. Press Down on the remote 2 times
  2. Press Left to get to the left of the three vertical dots (it will say Auto, or HD, or SD)
  3. Press Down then go over to the Video Quality option (try 720 first) and press Select
Auto will give the best available quality per streaming channel, but 720 is a great option too.  Change to 480 if you want to reduce data usage.

You will need to do this on each TV that you want to change.

A very small percentage of users have reported video quality issues with YouTube TV on a specific TV.  The above has successfully fixed the issue by changing the YouTube TV Video Quality setting.  If the issue persists it recommended to do the following in this order:
  1. Restart the Fire TV stick.
  2. Uninstall and Reinstall the YouTube TV app (re-login too)
  3. As always we are not charging any monthly rate at all, so YouTube TV Support will always be your best options for issues on their specific app or service. 

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