Sonos Support

Sonos Support

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    • Support Support Phone Number  1-844-441-3826 ​ Support Help Desk
    • Contact Amazon Support for Amazon Fire TV and Recast DVR

      We always recommend Rebooting your Fire TV and Recast first, this is easy and fixes 90% of problems.  We do NOT recommend resetting your Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Recast DVR, as this is the last resort and will wipe out all of your login info and ...
    • We are not a paid service provider, so can't provide free phone, email & onsite support

      StreamWise Solutions is different from traditional Pay TV providers and the significant annual savings are forever - our average customer saves $1500 every year! However since we are not a provider like Comcast Xfinity and are not charging you $200+ ...
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      Philo Contact Number  1 (855) 277-4456 Philo Help Center
    • YouTube TV and Fire TV Support and Training

      Saving $1,500 a year and getting your freedom from Cable & Satellite does involve a little bit of change.  Even though StreamWise Solutions is not a service provider, and does not charge any monthly fee, we still want you to enjoy TV.  We created ...