NextLight WiFi 6 App - Installation and Customer Support

NextLight WiFi 6 App - Installation and Customer Support

NextLight, Longmont's community owned Gig fiber, partners with Calix to bring the fastest WiFi technology to every corner of your property.

To make it easy to quickly diagnose WiFi or Internet issues straight from your phone, NextLight and Calix have created an easy to use app for your phone or tablet.
  1. To download the app, go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and search for NextLight WiFi
    1. Apple iOS App Store: NextLight WiFi
    2. Google Play Store: NextLight WiFi
  2. Once you download this app, watch this video for setup instructions: Setting Up Your WiFi and App
  3. For questions, access Nextlights online WiF6 Support portal or call NextLight Technical Support at (303) 774-4494 ext. 2
For email or in person contact, please visit for instructions.

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