Fix for Most TV and Internet Issues

Fix for Most TV and Internet Issues

90% of problems that arise with any installed cord-cutting solution can be solved by rebooting (power cycling) your TV and network devices. Follow the steps below to fix most issues:
  1. Unplug electricity to all devices (Internet and TV devices)
  2. Wait at least 1 minute for internal transistors to reset
  3. Plug your Internet and WiFi devices back into electricity and wait for them to come online
  4. If the Internet and WiFi does not work after disconnecting and reconnecting to power, please call your Internet provider to check on service outages
  5. Then, once Internet and WiFi are working, plug in your TV devices
If your problem was not solved by carefully following the above steps, please consult the free DIY articles, guides, and videos we have custom created for the most common questions. If you need local help via email, phone, or by service call, please sign up for our Priority Support Plan.
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