Delete Shows from Recast DVR / DVR Full

Delete Shows from Recast DVR / DVR Full

To delete shows that have been recorded to the DVR, start at the Home screen, then scroll right to the DVR menu. 
  1. Navigate to the Library tab and press down on the remote 2 times to get to the DVR RECORDINGS row
  2. Each "tile" represents a show that has been recorded
  3. The number in the upper left corner with the green dot shows how many episodes that have been recorded of that show
  4. Arrow right and left to get on the show(s) you want to delete.
  5. Delete All Shows at 1x - before selecting it simply hit the options button (3 horizontal lines button on the Fire TV remote - Delete Delete All.
  6. Delete Shows 1 at a time - Hit Center Select the show that you want to delete episodes from.
  7. When you initially select the tile, you will see an option to "Delete Recording".  This is for the most recent recording.  If this is the episode you want to delete, select that, then select Delete to delete.
  8. If you scroll down the the RECORDED row, you can see all the episodes
  9. To delete an episode from the RECORDED row, highlight the episode, then press the Options button on the Remote (three horizontal lines) and select Delete Recording, then select Delete to delete.
  10. In the future, you can just delete shows immediately after watching them to prevent the DVR from filling up.
If you have a series recording that you no longer want to record, start on the Home screen, then scroll right to the DVR menu.
  1. Press down on the remote until you get to the DVR MANAGER row
  2. Scroll right to Recording Priority
  3. Scroll down to the show you want to cancel the recording for
  4. Press the Options button on the Remote (three horizontal lines) then select Cancel Recording
  5. This will cancel the recording of this series
If you delete a bunch of shows and cancel a bunch of recordings, it's a good idea to reboot the Recast DVR so it can re-initialize

If you are having troubles or getting an error message simply reboot NOT reset the Recast.  To reboot the Recast DVR, from the Home screen, go to Settings > Live TV > Sync Sources > Fire TV Recast > Restart > Restart
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