Antenna Issues

Antenna Issues

  • RECEPTION – Getting all of your Network Channels without interruption, is sometimes a challenge.  Reception at your location is affected by many factors that are out of our control.
    • Exterior factors: distance from towers, multi-path, antenna gain, buildings, hills & trees, weather, atmosphere, etc.
    • Interior factors: things inside your home/walls that may cause issues include: TV tuner sensitivity, metal, old coax, long coax runs & numerous splits.
  • OUTDOOR ANTENNA – Putting an Antenna outside & higher will improve reception 30-50%.  We use an Outdoor Antenna that is very small & see through so the weather has very little effect (if any) on reception.  Once your Antenna is installed in the best spot, you will be getting awesome HD for all of your Local Network Channels!  Unless you are in a tough coverage area, your reception should usually stay good in all conditions.
  • THE RIGHT TOOLS – We always test your coverage on our Signal Meter when we first arrive at your home. Even with all of these precautions there are no guarantees (98% of the time we are able to get all Network channels uninterrupted).  However, our experience along with our Professional Signal Meter will give you your best chance for success & help you get it done right the first time!
  • FCC PROTECTION & RULES – Believe it or not, no matter where you live, everyone has a legal right to get TV for free via an Antenna!  Even if you are in an Apartment or Condo, there is little your HOA can do to prevent you from having an Outdoor Antenna.  The FCC has several different rules covering what type of Antenna & where you can mount an Antenna.  StreamWise Solutions is not responsible for contacting your HOA, so please do this before scheduling your installation, if you have any concerns.

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