Amazon Recast not recording some free TV series

Amazon Recast not recording some free TV series

The Recast is an Amazon product that integrates free antenna content all in one interface/remote with Amazon Fire TV, it also has a grid TV Guide and DVR for recording free antenna channels with no monthly rate. Some users have reported issues to Amazon where select Series Recordings are not being recorded. It seems to be a bit hit and miss though as some users have no issues at all, and some series recordings continue to record like normal. Key to note is that Manual recordings of a single episode seem to not be affected at all and all record normally.

StreamWise charges no monthly rate and is not a service provider nor a hardware manufacturer, so we have no relationship with amazon, so only have info on this Amazon Recast issue based on the Amazon technical forum. If you like you can add your comment to the Amazon forum, or call Amazon Support, but honestly since they are already aware of the issue affecting multiple users its probably just a waste of your time to do so.

Amazon is aware of their issue with the FREE Recast OTA DVR scheduled recordings and working on a fix, per the Amazon Recast Forum - 

Hello @VM71, welcome to the Digital and Device Forum!


I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue with your Fire TV Recast not recording your shows.


Our technical team is aware of this issue and they're currently working on a resolution.


It is our goal to help resolve any problems you encounter as quickly as possible. I will update you here as soon as any new information about this issue is made available.


Thank you in advance for your patience!


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For most folks, we would recommend you sit tight and wait for Amazon to fix their issue with the Recast. If you are techy enough you can go into the Recast settings on your Fire TV user interface and cancel series and setup manual recordings-just remember that you will need to re-setup series recordings as well after Amazon fixes the issue.  Here are the steps in the Amazon Fire TV UI to cancel a series recording and also set up new series or individual recordings:
  1. Access the TV Guide and scroll to the date and time to find your TV Show in the TV Guide.
  2. Hit the center Select button (middle of main circle navigation).
  3. Hit Cancel Series
  4. Hit Record Episode (this should be done from the same page).
  5. Hit Back button (left of home button) to see the red recording button on your show in the TV Guide.
  6. Keep in mind you will need to find the same show next week in the TV Guide (steps 1&2). Then hit Record Episode, step 4 for it to record each episode.
  7. Once Amazon fixes the Recast issue you will then need to follow the same steps and select Series Recordings on all your shows that you Cancelled Series recordings on. 

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